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Connetix Geometry and Magnetism Adventure Pack - 30 Pieces

Connetix Geometry and Magnetism Adventure Pack - 30 Pieces

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Introduce your child to the fascinating world of geometry and magnetism with our 30 Piece Geometry Pack from Connetix. This set, packed with vibrant hexagons and triangles, offers a diverse palette for your child's imagination to soar as they explore and learn through play.

Unleashing STEAM Education Possibilities

Our Geometry Pack opens the door for children to delve into various geometry concepts such as shapes, lines, angles, dimensions (including length, width, and radius), fractions, 2D and 3D shapes, and even magnetism. Kids can engage in interactive play while unknowingly fortifying their understanding of these fundamental concepts.

A Rainbow of Creative Opportunities

The vibrantly colored hexagons and triangles in our pack invite your child to create an endless array of patterns, pyramids, pizzas, mandalas, and more! The possibilities are limited only by their imagination, making each play session a unique educational journey.

Quality and Versatility

As a high-quality and versatile toy, Connetix will adapt and grow along with your child's learning journey. As they mature and their play patterns become more complex, Connetix will continue to provide stimulating and enjoyable play experiences.

Expand the Fun

Pair your 30 piece Geometry Pack with our 100 piece Creative Pack or 40 piece Expansion Pack to take the excitement and learning possibilities to the next level. The more pieces they have, the more elaborate their creations can be!

Recommended for ages 3 and up due to the presence of magnets and small parts. This Geometry Pack is an excellent way to stimulate intellectual curiosity while providing endless hours of engaging play.

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