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Connetix Interactive 92-Piece Rainbow Ball Run Set

Connetix Interactive 92-Piece Rainbow Ball Run Set

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With the Connetix Tiles 92 Piece Ball Run, your child's playroom turns into a thrilling world of exploration and discovery. This set allows for countless construction possibilities and hours of immersive play, making it an excellent educational and entertaining addition to any playroom.

Clear, Fluted Tubes for Unobstructed Fun

Each set features clear fluted tubes that allow for an unobstructed view of the balls as they zoom down. Your child gets to experience the thrill of visual tracking and enjoy the spectacle of the speeding balls.

Special Effects Pieces for Added Excitement

Our set includes several special effects pieces like staircases and split tubes that add an extra layer of excitement. Watch your child's eyes light up as the balls navigate these unique pieces, creating unexpected twists and turns.

Solid Construction and Endless Possibilities

  • 36 connecting squares: These form the backbone of your child's creations, providing stability and structure.
  • 6 Wooden Balls: Perfectly sized for the tubes, these balls add kinetic energy to the mix, bringing your child's creation to life.
  • Variety of tube pieces: These provide endless racing possibilities and can be assembled in various ways, sparking creativity and problem-solving skills.

Perfect Dimensions for Playrooms

With a total weight of 2.5 kg and dimensions of 42.5 x 26 x 10.5 cm, our set is the perfect size for any playroom. It is easy to store and portable, making it a valuable addition to your child's collection of toys.

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