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Connetix Pastel STEAM Exploration Magnetic Construction Set - 64 Pieces

Connetix Pastel STEAM Exploration Magnetic Construction Set - 64 Pieces

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Experience a new way of creative learning and play with the Connetix New Pastel Starter Pack 64 pc. This unique set, with its soothing pastel colors and versatile shapes, provides endless opportunities to engage not just in fun but also in educational pastimes. It's more than just a toy - it's a gateway to exploration, innovation, and the discovery of fundamental STEAM concepts.

An Array of Shapes and Colors

With a treasury of squares and triangles in peaceful, earthy pastel hues, children are provided a visual treat that sparks creativity. These colors and shapes stimulate visual development, pattern recognition, and artistic expression.

Explore Various Concepts

  • Magnetism: Children can witness the magic of magnetic forces firsthand, understanding attraction and repulsion.
  • Physics: The simple act of building and creating structures introduces basic principles of balance, stability, and gravity.
  • Symmetry: As children construct their designs, they can recognize and create symmetrical patterns, enhancing their mathematical understanding.
  • Problem-solving: When designs don't go as planned, children learn to troubleshoot, adjust, and solve challenges, honing their critical thinking skills.

Unlimited Creations

The versatility of the Connetix New Pastel Starter Pack allows for an infinite number of creations. From making simple 2D shapes to complex 3D structures, the possibilities are boundless. Whether it's houses, castles, robots, or their own unique designs, this open-ended toy grows with children, adapting to their changing skills and imagination.

A Platform for Future Engineers, Artists, and Designers

With the professional expertise and scientific language that comes with this product, children are inspired to delve into engineering, art, and design. It's an excellent tool to expose them to these fields at a young age, sparking their interest and potentially guiding them towards future career paths.

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