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Interactive Dinosaur Magnet Set - Fun and Educational

Interactive Dinosaur Magnet Set - Fun and Educational

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Dinosaur Themed Magnets

28 pieces - approx. 7 x 6cm 

3yrs +

Our favourite Dinosaurs have been made into this awesome set of discs that can be used in a variety of ways.  Available in a set of 28, you can buy 2 sets to make a fun matching game.  Included with magnets attached you can decorate any magnetised surface.  These colourfully printed discs with realistic images are a versatile learning tool to assist children with discovering and identifying these creatures.

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Set up magnetic boards for children to design and create. Get child to see what surfaces they stick to around there environment and discuss each dinosaur when it is used. seperate into large, small, flying, swimming, carnivore, herbivore groups, encouraging further knowledge of each dinosaur, as well as understanding eating habits and habitats.

Group Setting

Talk to the children about what dinosaur they are holding, what colours on the disc. Hide each disc around the room giving clues as to what dinosaur it might be, helping them to learn through play.


Take outdoors to see what surfaces they stick too, turn it into a science experiment! Make it into a physical experience by having the children reenact each dinosaur they find.

Learning Opportunities 

Fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. As the child puts magnets on various surfaces they are learning about spatial awareness. Language skills, cognitive and problem solving, maybe the magnet is too heavy? maybe the surface is not metal? Magnetic play also encourages creativity.

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