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Deluxe Sensory Ice Cream Shop - Bioplastic Play Set with Natural Playdough

Deluxe Sensory Ice Cream Shop - Bioplastic Play Set with Natural Playdough

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DID YOU KNOW the average number of licks to finish one icecream is 50?  This role play set has been designed and made to be used with playdough, crystals, florals, whipped foam, bubbles, shaving cream, and all manner of sensory bases. 

Our bioplastic icecream kits can be used in playdough, kinetic sand and air dry clay.  We 3d print these products from PLA, which is a plant-based bioplastic derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch, tapioca root or sugarcane.

Please allow a 1-2 week make time on your Icecream Kit.


Icecream Shop - Single Scoop Kit contains:

1 x Twin Cones in Beige (dimensions: H 8.5cm , W 6.7cm)

1 x Sundae Cups in Pastel Candy Pink (dimensions: H 7cm, W 3.5cm)

1 x Choc Bomb Cones in Beige (dimensions: H 5.8cm, W 3.5cm)

1 x Waffle Cones in Beige (dimensions: H 5.5cm, W 3cm)

1 x Scoops in White (dimensions: L 12.2cm, W 3.2cm)

RRP is $40.75 - buy in this bundle for $34.95!


Icecream Shop - Single Scoop Kit With Extras contains:

5-piece set, as listed above

1 x 200g jar or 300g tin of lux Natural Playdough

1 x 50g bag of rainbow crystal chips to use as 'sprinkles'

RRP is $59.70 - buy in this bundle for $52.95! 

If your favourite playdough is sold out here - please head to the SENSORY BASES section to choose another yummy scent or maybe some fizz?


Bioplastic Product Information

Hand wash only.  Exposure to extreme heat (in a dishwasher or direct sun) will damage the natural materials these products are made from and shorten their lifespan. A quick hand wash and dry after play is recommended.  Bioplastic is not hydrophobic and may absorb colours, like paint, for example.  Please do not leave immersed in liquid or wet sensory bases for long periods or they may warp.  Recommended age 3+. Use under adult supervision. NOT to be used as a teething or chew toy.

Please note that 3d printed products do not always have a smooth, glossy finish, like injection-moulded traditional plastics.  The coloured filament we use also has a matte finish.

Playdough Product Information

Playdough is naturally scented and coloured. The dough will last 6 months provided it is appropriately stored and not left to dry out.  Please ensure lids are sealed on jars after use.  (We recommend storing in the fridge and away from damp).  Due to the natural colour, some playdough may fade and may vary from what you see on screen.  Whilst this playdough looks and smells delicious, we still do not recommend it being ingested. Please supervise children at all times.  Contains gluten. Playdough will either be in a reusable jar, containing 200g of dough or a 300g reusable tin.



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