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Galactic Explorer Children's Yoga Mat

Galactic Explorer Children's Yoga Mat

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The Space Kids Yoga Mat is your child's perfect companion for an exciting yoga practice. Crafted for young yogis, this mat is designed with comfort, stability, and fun in mind. It brings the mysteries of space to the yoga studio, encouraging young ones to discover the wonders of the cosmos while they explore the world of yoga.

Environment-Friendly Material

Made from 100% recycled tree rubber, this yoga mat is a sustainable choice. It's not just good for your child, but also for the planet. It's a wonderful way to teach your child about the importance of recycling and environmental consciousness.

Cute and Fun Design

The yoga mat features a soft microfiber suede surface, adorned with cute, whimsical illustrations by Chloe Jasmine. These delightful space-themed images will keep your child entertained and inspired during their yoga sessions.

Compact, Lightweight, and Travel-Friendly

This yoga mat is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for travel or to carry to the local yoga class. It's so easy to transport, your little ones can carry it themselves!

Odor-Free and Machine Washable

Keeping the mat clean is a breeze. It's machine washable and remains odor-free, ensuring a fresh and clean mat for every yoga session.

Safe and Comfortable

The mat is hypoallergenic, ensuring it's safe for even the most sensitive skin. With a non-slip grip, it provides stability for little hands and feet, allowing your child to practice yoga postures confidently and comfortably.

Note: Yoga Flash Cards are sold separately and make a great addition to your child's yoga practice.

Make yoga time more exciting for your child with the Space Kids Yoga Mat. It's not just a yoga mat, but a tool for exploration, learning, and fun.

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