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Chloe Jasmine Illustrated Eco-Friendly Kids Yoga Mat with Detachable Strap

Chloe Jasmine Illustrated Eco-Friendly Kids Yoga Mat with Detachable Strap

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Introduce your child to the delightful world of yoga with the Sweet Print Yoga Mat. Decorated with enchanting Chloe Jasmine Illustrations, this mat is designed to spark joy and fascination in your little one.

Designed for Comfort and Safety

The mat is crafted from 100% recycled tree rubber, ensuring both durability and eco-friendliness. Topped with a soft microfiber suede surface, it promises smoothness and comfort to your child's tender hands and feet. The lightweight material makes it easy for your child to move and carry around.

Hypoallergenic and PVC-Free

This yoga mat is hypoallergenic, making it perfect for children with sensitive skin. Additionally, its PVC-free construction ensures that it is free from harmful chemicals, providing a safe environment for your little yogi.

Non-Slip Grip and Machine Washable

With its non-slip grip, our Sweet Kids Yoga Mat provides stability during practice, ensuring your young one's safety. Plus, it's machine washable, making clean-up a breeze after a fun yoga session.

Free Detachable Strap for Portability

The yoga mat also comes with a free detachable strap, making it easy for your child to carry it to their yoga class, park, or a friend's house for a yoga playdate.

Please note: Yoga Flash Cards are sold separately.

The Sweet Kids Yoga Mat is more than just a yoga mat; it's a gateway to a healthier, fun-filled life for your child. Let them discover the joy of yoga with our beautifully designed and responsibly made yoga mat.

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