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Mindful Kids

Mindful & Co - Kids' Illustrated Yoga Practice Flashcards

Mindful & Co - Kids' Illustrated Yoga Practice Flashcards

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Unveil the magic of mindfulness anytime, anywhere with our impeccably crafted Yoga Flash Cards. Boasting a set of 26 exquisite hand-drawn poses by the respected children's illustrator, Chloe Jasmine, these cards are an exclusive collection designed specifically for Mindful and Co - Kids.

A Learning Companion for Young Yogis

These flashcards act as a comprehensive guide to help children carry on their yoga practice seamlessly, even when on the move. Each card serves as an encyclopedia of a particular pose, detailing how to perform it, its advantages, and what it signifies. This ensures that your little yogi is not just practicing, but also understanding and absorbing the essence of yoga.

Enhance Overall Development

These cards are not just about learning yoga poses, they are a gateway to holistic development. They help in:

  • Anxiety Management: Using these cards can aid in managing anxiety levels.
  • Emotional Regulation: Regular practice can help improve emotional stability.
  • Body Awareness: These cards can help increase awareness of body posture and alignment.
  • Boosting Self-Esteem: Mastering poses can boost your child's self-confidence.
  • Developing Strength and Flexibility: Regular practice of these poses can help build strength and flexibility.

Perfect for Any Setting

Whether it's at home, in a classroom, or at a day-care center, these cards can be a useful resource. Crafted from sustainable materials, they are environmentally friendly and are suitable for children aged 18 months to 10 years. With product dimensions of 22 x 22 x 4cm, they are easy to carry, ensuring your child can continue their yoga journey no matter where they are.

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